We have a large population of COSMOS developers, not enough, but it is still a large population. The following roadmaps are guides to what can be done but the order is up to you. If you wish to work on providing the WWW then you can, if you want to add another filesystem then you can, or if you wish to add Visual Studio Code support then you can do that as well. So, the road maps are flexible, and can change at any time to accommodate the coding interests of our developers.

Looking for something to do or want to see in minute detail what is being worked on currently? Check out the Atomic Work List. COSMOS is currently being created to the x86 format so that it will work on as many devices as possible. Yes, that does mean lower current memory access using Linux or MS-DOS memory management protocols, but this can be worked upon.

Proposed Versions and Features


  • (100% Complete) .NET Core
  • (100% Complete) Visual Studio 2017
  • (Unknown level of completeness) Visual Studio 2019
  • (80% Complete) File System (FAT)
  • (60% Complete) Memory Manager (RAT)
  • (75% Complete) Cosmos Graphics System (CGS)
  • (Unknown level of completeness) XSharp
  • (Unknown level of completeness) The Compiler
  • (Unknown level of completeness) IL2CPU


  • Hyper-V Gen1
  • Azure
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • Telnet Zork


  • Raspberry
  • Perspex UI
  • WWW
  • WWW Zork


  • Visual Studio Code Support
  • IL group emitting
  • 64 bit
  • Threading
  • debugger
  • change to new vs debugger
  • x# further integration
  • dynamic loading of libs at runtime
  • USB