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Want to help contribute to the Cosmos project? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install the Dev Kit, so you can make code changes to Cosmos core.
  2. Get to know the team. Join the Gitter chat room and introduce yourself.
  3. Once the developers give you the go-ahead to begin your changes, fork the repository to your own GitHub account.
  4. Complete your code changes in a well-documented manner. Make sure that your code changes follow with the rest of the code in terms of semantics and commenting styles.
  5. TEST (and re-test) YOUR CODE
  6. Submit a pull request through GitHub and tag one of the developers. Give the developers some time to review your changes. If you want your changes to be accepted, please be prompt in answering questions. If your changes are approved, your code will be merged into the main branch.
  7. Delete the branch on your account. If you would like to upload more code, create a new branch when you begin to avoid merge conflicts.

If you run into trouble, try these steps:

  1. Google it. Chances are someone already had your problem and found a solution.
  2. Ask on the Gitter chat room and Yahoo Group page. Be patient as it may take a while before you get a response.

Be sure to introduce yourself by your GitHub username. Be patient when waiting for a response.

For those fixing BountySource issues, the project coordinators will discuss whether the fix is carried out to a satisfactory standard before marking the issue as closed and giving you your “bounty”.