Older releases

Older Releases

MS5 and earlier

This page is aimed to help answer your questions about older releases, our stance on them, and why we don’t support them.

Why doesn’t it work in VS [insert version number]?

Latest versions only support VS2017. Older versions of Cosmos worked with VS2010 (including Express). Support skipped VS2012 and jumped to VS2013 (not including Express) and then to VS2015 (including Community Edition).

Why do you not support milestone releases anymore?

Simply put – they are old and use an outdated compiler/kernel. Why would we support old releases when you could be using the most up-to-date ones?

But I get errors when I try to use

Instead of just complaining about it, why not post the error and get some help? We can more than likely help you get it fixed.

But I don’t have anything better than Express

Cosmos worked fine with VS 2010 Express in older versions – read [[How to install Cosmos]].

Why should I upgrade?

The latest releases have many, many more features, a better kernel, a better compiler, and bug fixes (and more bugs). We are more able to give you help if you use them.

Hopefully, this was able to answer some of your questions, users of ye olde time releases.